Best. Van Murals. Ever.

I spotted these gems on a van in the mall parking lot near my office. I thought they were just about the funniest/sweetest/most awesome/most unexpected things I’d seen in a while, so I couldn’t help but snap a couple grainy iPhone shots.

Van Mural 1 Van Mural 2

The url in the photos is for the guy who painted the murals

  1. Thanks mate for posting this up for me, not sure where you spotted the van but it got me some hits. Be sure to check out the Youtube video of Steve’s portrait and the new limited edition prints.
    Cheers mate

  2. “Best Van Murals Ever” The van belongs to Jason Swain. He painted these as a tribute to Steve Irwin shortly after Steve’s death. Jason is from the same area as Steve, and he painted another portrait of Steve that he presented to Steve’s family at the Australia Zoo earlier this year. It is awesome,and he has released a Limited Edition Print. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Wildlife Warriors. I own one of the prints and it is spectacular. He is featured on the Wildlife Warrior site

    He is a brilliant artist, check out his art at

  3. Thanks for the comments. I did have a chuckle because the paintings were so unexpected at the moment, but I definitely think you’re doing a good thing with the prints, and honoring Steve Irwin’s life in this way. He was quite a character!

  4. I also have a Limited Edition Print and it is beautiful…To see the different stages of the print as Jason painted it be sure to check out this….

    and while your there have a look at all his other amazing paintings and wood carvings…Jason is a very talented man and the van murals are just the start…

  5. Julie of Maryland

    Wow! Jason’s everywhere!!! Awesome!!! I know I would NEVER trust anyone else to paint my kids but Jason. He’s the best!

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