Oh, Hell no.

I’d like to lodge a formal complaint to whomever is in charge of determining the stupidity of Web 2.0 terminology, regarding “Bacn” which some retard has decided should be the name for “Email you want – But not right now.”

Bacn is a new problem now plaguing our email inboxes. Putting it simply, Bacn is email you receive that isn’t spam… And isn’t personal mail. It’s the middle class of email. It’s notifications of a new post to your Facebook wall or a new follower on Twitter. It’s the Google alert for your name and the newsletter from your favorite company.

This is preposterous! Bacon is something I want ALL THE TIME! It is not something that should be used in reference to anything negative.

Netizens! We must unite against this flagrant insult to everyone’s favorite meat product!


It’s nice to know I’m not alone!

  1. Yes! We NEED to MAKE a stand!

  2. I agree! Let me suggest “bologna” as a replacement term for “bacn” – reasoning is available at https://wiki.doit.wisc.edu/confluence/display/~mablasinski/2007/08/30/Thursday Bologna Blogging . Hop on the bologna bandwagon!

  3. The comment form broke my link.

    https://wiki.doit.wisc.edu/confluence/display/~mablasinski/2007/08/30/Thursday Bologna Blogging (plus signs between Thursday Bologna Blogging).

    Otherwise, https://wiki.doit.wisc.edu/confluence/display/~mablasinski will work.


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